Photo Tours

We explore gorgeous locations while you ask all the questions you've been wondering about. Food is provided. Not just any old scraps, but a beautiful assortment of home cooked treats personally prepared by my wife and I.

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Weddings, Personal and Professional Headshots, Products, Real Estate Property, Events (Award Nights, Conferences, Concerts, Christmas Parties). If there is something for us to point a camera at, we can help you!

Emulsion Layer

We are passionate about film photography. Emulsion Layer is a stunningly beautiful and educational magazine dedicated 100% to film photography. Whether you shoot film or digital, this magazine will inspire.


With over 20 years' experience in photography, we can assist with any of your photographic enquiries. Please don't be afraid to ask - we love helping out.

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Hi, I'm Brendan, and I love photography and mentoring fellow photographers. I have over 20 years' experience as a photographer, and would love to help you if you are new to photography, someone who would like to learn more about their camera and the art of photography, or if you would like to experience some adventure while I mentor you on one of our photo tours.

Brendan Ingram Photography

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